VARIOUS FORMS OF VITAMIN B Prevent anemia (lack of blood) and various skin irritations, formation of capillaries in the whites of the eyes, headaches and weakness. Responsible for the regulation of materials in the body. Delay aging and calm the nervous system.
ZINC Activates the growth, reproduction and sexual hormones. Renews cells and tissue, nails and hair. Effective in preventing inflammation of the joints. It assists in creating enzymes that advance digestion, and slows aging processes.
POTASSIUM Vital for body growth and flexibility of the inner organs. Enables orderly flow of blood.
IRON Essential for the creation of hemoglobin in the blood. Helps in reducing stress and illnesses. Serves as a vital component in the body cells, vital for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
PHOSPHORUS Assists in preventing crystallization of fats in the body. Serves as an accelerator during the process of breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Plays a significant role in activating the brain and thought processes.
MAGNESIUM Indirectly responsible for reducing the prevalence of cancer. Vital for bone strength. Leads to sound functioning of the nervous system and muscles. Assists in recovery from heart disease, reducing negative cholesterol in the blood. Delays the aging process.
SODIUM Essential for the nervous system, blood and muscles. Also assists the digestive system in absorbing iron in the body.
CALCIUM Regulates the sensitivity of the nervous system, heart activity and blood coagulation.


PROTEINS Supply the body with energy and are the foundation of the skeleton and cells. Important for muscles and the creation of antibodies, red blood corpuscles,, various enzymes, etc.
(CELLULAR) FIBERS Possess a strong ability to accrete by addition of liquids; hence stimulate the intestine walls, expanding their activity. Recommended for treatment of constipation.
CARBOHYDRATES Provide the lion's share of energy contained in food, and are the driving force behind the brain and nerves. Thus the body's organs need a constant intake of carbohydrates.
FATS Fats absorb those vitamins that are fat-soluble (Vitamins A, D-,E, K. They provide energy to the body, covering and protection to the organs, prevent the skin from drying, give taste to food and stimulate the appetite.

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