A tasty, quality health feast. 45% dried fruits, seeds and nuts
Granola Feast
Ingredients: Rolled oats, dried fruits, date syrup, carob syrup, sunflower seeds, soya, sesame, oat bran, pumpkin seeds, almonds and brazil nuts
Since the Granola is not roasted, the vitamins and oils are retained in their natural state. Together with minerals and the other main nutrients, they assist in tissue building, the digestive system, internal cleansing of the body, activation of muscles (especially the heart muscle), regulation of alkalis and acidity in the blood, and strengthening of processes vital to the body's balance and functioning.

Serving suggestion: For an easily digestible and balanced meal, rich in basic nutrients and minerals, add two to three tablespoons of Granola Feast to yoghurt or fruit salad.
A nutritious solution to sugar-related problems, obesity and blood fats
Sugar-Free Granola
The composition of the mixture and its aroma are unique
Ingredients: Rolled oats, oat bran, soy, date syrup, carob syrup, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, apples, chicory, almonds, sesame seeds, plantago psyllium, and brazil nuts.
Sugar-free Granola is unroasted,, rich in nourishing ingredients, especially dietary fibers necessary for diabetics and for patients suffering from surplus cholesterol and blood fat . Upon intake of the mixture one's digestion will improve, levels of iron and calcium will rise and there will be a lasting feeling of dietary sufficiency. The mixture's dietary composition and aroma are unique. It is good for the body's systems in general and the digestive system in particular. It is suitable for pregnant women.
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