"EffectivEat" Ltd. is a company that develops, manufactures and markets natural and health food products.
The company was established in 1995 and since its inception has undergone a process of growth and renewal.


  • To lead and stimulate awareness of proper nutrition that is healthy and enjoyable, by providing solutions that improve and enrich the standard foods we eat, using an abundance of natural, nutritious and enriching basic ingredients.
  • To develop and renew a wide range of products, which apart from their nutritional value - will improve and enhance every meal in every home in the world.
  • To work in a manner that is based on the values of quality, reliability, fairness, commitment and service.


Over the past few years awareness has grown that the food we eat is not just a highly potent elixir whose influence on our bodies is extremely significant; many surveys have also demonstrated the link between the structure, composition, balance and content of the food on the one hand, and the incidence of diseases such as blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, diabetes, etc., on the other.
"EffectivEat" has therefore invested great efforts in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a variety of products:
  • FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC: To enrich all kinds of meals for both family and guests alike, and in general
  • FOR INDIVIDUALS wishing to preserve a healthy, balanced nutritious diet, by their food appropriate to their health needs.
"EffectivEat"s products have been acclaimed by nutritionists, chefs, sportsmen, heart disease patients and diabetics.
The Products are vegan and gluten free (less then 20 ppm gluten)
The products are manufactured according to BRC and HACCP standards, and according to license of ministry of health. They are Kosher Paraveh and manufactured under the supervision of the Rabbinical Court of Justice ('Badatz Beit Yosef), OU.

We would be happy to include you among our clients.
The Company Management.
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